ROTR 1.87(2.0) Zhukov Russia Campaign Teaser Mission 2

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

"Operation: Miasma.

Frostbite was a great success! We now have full air control over eastern Europe, which will be an important advantage in the missions to come. Mother Russia is sending Topols to the front line. With them, we can annihilate the ECA's artillery bunkers before they can even touch our forces. My job is to ensure the safety of 4 Topols moving through Hungary. It will be a tough task as the ECA have heavily fortified the roads through the valley. Thankfully, I have the airforce, Boris and my own Topol to crack open a gap in the ECA defences so the convoy can slip through."

Finally i am back for doing this but i found the result somewhat disappointing than usual. Anyway ECA Got 3 Howitzer Position who ready to bombard your base and your airbase. Since Russia are not good at air support, You better rely on Hind at this point. Try to destroy ECA Buildings and defenses to rank up your Hinds. You also need more hind if one of your hinds or all of your hinds ded by Skyshield battery. Topol are great. You can buy the ammunition to destroy the middle defenses packed with Gun Turrets. You can use Boris Airstrike to destroy skyshield battery to make Hind destroy their base easily. To make things faster,Purchase all of your generals power and blew them with FOAB and Berkut airstrikes. After everything is safe from ECA Threats all you need to do is guide your convoy to the end.

I got bunch of problem with this one. Since i haven't play this mod for a days. My hands also got twitching for some reason. ...

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