ROTR 1.87(2.0) ECA Europe Campaign Teaser Mission 2

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Mission 2 Bail Out

"General, we don't have much time. The Russians are hitting Greece hard. There is nothing we can do to save the country...yet. Right now you must focus on getting the Pandora files to safety. Our forces are travelling by train to a Russian occupied ECA base. The base's Deployment Zone survived the inital invasion, so we can use it to call in an airship and evacuate by air."

"Once the base is back under our control, locate and destroy any heavy AA in the area, so we can evacuate safely."

So how do i say about this mission hmm. Anyway before you take some of the russian tanks and conscripts. Better take some of the unmounted vehicles nearby. It would be useful. Capture the tech buildings which provide firepower and supplies bonus. Your objective in this mission is simple. Destroy grumble and that's it. However to make things less annoying either capture the building or destroy them all. In this mission i decide to capture Russian building to use his tanks. Basically i found ECA infantry is strong while Russian come from his Tanks. Combine these advantages will make your forces has a smaller chance to get stopped. Capturing them is somewhat hard at this point. You need to be careful against Kashtan as they can wreck infantry faster. Also pay attention at your base where they will send tanks at your base. Build 2 gun turret instead make 1 guard tower and 1 gun turret. ...

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