Mega Man Powered Up : Protoman VS Copy Mega Man(No Damage)

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

If you play as Robot Masters, The robot master you played will be replaced with Megaman? a.k.a Evil Mega Man. Sadly he can only be faced by Robot Masters.

What if Wily Kidnapped Mega Man?. The Robot masters become 9 instead 8. At Boss Rush you also need another place to add another boss which is mega man.

Anyway If you play challenge mode, You may wondering what will happen if you use another characters, Well the answer is the 7th boss will not be replaced which giving me an opportunity to face Copy Mega Man.

Due of how the A.I works, I can say Roll is impossible to do a no damage to him.

Even as Protoman, He is still tricky. ...

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