Mega Man Powered Up : Mega VS Copy Mega(No Damage)

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Mega can be obtained by beating the hard mode on Mega Man Powered Up. Without his suit, He only rely with his leg attack.

Roll and Mega can be hard to use but imo Rock is 2nd hard robot to use due of his attack is his leg. Unlike Roll who use her broom to attack her foes.

Unsuprisingly, Roll and Mega has same attack pattern but due of different attack,The tactic won't be same as Roll. You'll have to attack him when he tried to jump to you. His leg attack more faster than Roll's Broom.

Waiting him to corner you and jump when he attack you is not a good idea. As he is using his leg and spam it to you, You'll get damaged by his kicks.

Unlike Roll and Mega Man, This only gain a small number of attempts. ...

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