Dawn Of Man part 1 || Combat with sticks!

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Ive had an eye on this game for a while, never really manageing to put my finger on wheater or not it is for me. Now after a couple of hours worth of skre*ing up... i think i might be into it!

Dawn of man is a city builder... or as much of a "city" building game as you can have in the stoneages. Its all about the survival of early human kind. Fight with sticks, hunt animals, but a couple huts together and your off! This will be a simple, Dawn of man lets play showing off some of the Dawn of Man gameplay, that way you will hopefully have a bit more to go off of if you yourself find yourself on the fence for this game. If i come across anything Tip worthy, ill obviusly fling you some of my Dawn of Man tips and tricks as well - but that wont be the main focus of the playthru.

If i had to compare Dawn of Man to any game it would be Banished - but it is alot "simpler" in terms of difficulty, but still deep when it comes to gameplay mechanics. That is my humble opinion anyhow.

I bought this game myself - so i have absolutely 0 bad feels for speaking my mind about it. But i quite enjoy it!

Thats a wrap for me! Game long and prosper! CAG out! ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98G9yjWDe-s

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