Betting The Company! || Lets make a car! || Voxel Tycoon S2E2

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Hey! Have you seen Voxel Tycoon?1 The magic bread between Factorio and OpenTTD? Check it out!

Hey there friends! Hope you enjoy this first look on Voxel Tycoon! Voxel tycoon is a tycoon game that blends with supply chain management game aka Factorio had a baby with OpenTTD. That hits my sweet spot at least. How about you? Does that make you excited? If so, here are some usefull links:

Looking for Make A Car In Voxel Tycoon part 1 (this series)? look no further:

First impression Voxel Tycoon part 1 of the series can be found here:

Need some help figuring out the signals? Got your back! Check out my Voxel Tycoon signal tutorial here:

You can get your Voxel Tycoon pre Alpha action here: Its currently priced at 19,99$. You will be able to download voxel tycoon straight from or thru their launcher.

Or check the website for Voxel tycoon over here:

The Devs of Voxel tycoon have gone for a "Keep us on the straight and narrow" approach to funding, with Patreon, if you feel like flinging the game a coffee every now and again... here you go:

Anyways, Voxel tycoon already has an amazing Voxel tycoon modding community! That reminds me of KSP, or Factorio... or OpenTTD. Wouldn't you want a Voxel tycoon mod or 2 ?

I am stoked to finally be able to bring you my first impressions lets play voxel tycoon take! I am soo excited about this! That also means there will be LOTS of voxel tycoon gameplay, that you have never seen before!

Thats all for now, game hard and prosper folks - CAG out!

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