Free Tommy Robinson Graffiti in abandoned village

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Well back again to my abandoned village playground, this time dropping a Free Tommy Robinson piece. Tommy Robinson has been jailed by the corrupt British government for reporting on the rape of thousands of young girls which the government wanted to be kept hidden from the public. Tommy was branded as being a racist because he was brave enough to speak up about the identity of the convicted child rapists. By now it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner even though the far left media, police force and government are still trying to cover up what they have done. Freedom of speech in the UK has been systematically stripped away & although millions have seen the light there are more people still brainwashed into hiding their heads and not even looking at the reality of the country that they are residing in. I am in no way racist nor against any group or individual and would help anyone if I could but for any who would insult or rubbish my views or dismiss my understanding of what is happening here - Whos the fascist in the free world freedom of speech is our fundamental right. Its a shame that Tommy Robinson was not allowed to have this birthright too. He without doubt is the most misunderstood person without a doubt, Please research the man and why he feels so strongly about trying to preserve his home,country and heritage.

Thanks to Shaun of Mean Bear Media for filming some of the footage, appreciated brother.

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