Heart Agility Constructed (SkyWeaver) #462

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SkyWeaver Constructed Gameplay. Heart Agility.

SkyWeaver is a free-to-play competitive Trading Card Game built on the ethereum blockchain. In SkyWeaver you can build DUAL DECK COMBINATIONS with SINGLETON CARDS. One of the best things about SkyWeaver is the promise to NOT be Pay-to-Win. Other cool features of SkyWeaver are NON-ROTATING Cards and UNCAPPED MANA. Jason Trio - @bittrio

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1.1 video/post - Monday-Friday Started 10/4/2018

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3.Wim Hof breathing - Everyday Started 3/11/2019

4.Read kids book at bedtime - Everyday Started 4/1/2019(Missed 5/30/2019)

5.No porn, no jerking off - Everyday Started 1/1/2019

…and more to come. Gaining everyday.

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