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Welcome to the stream everybody! I'm currently running a $10 gift card give away contest! So, there are two goals I'm trying to reach, each one will have it's own gift card give away. The gift card will be either a Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox or steam card. Winners choice. The Sub winner will be chosen at random on a later date when the goal is met via a spin the wheel live stream. Same goes for the Donation goal winner. It's simple, to be eligible for the sub drawing, sub to my channel, join my discord and let me know. You will need to have your subscriptions set to public view so I can see that you subbed, join my discord and shoot me a message! Now, for the donations contest I have my links below and the same rules apply. Any tip $1 or more or Patreon tip $1 or more If you hit me with the $5 Patreon sub then not only will you be entered to win but you'll ALSO get to say if you want me to do a shot. Shots for subs. If you're already subbed then it's $10 a shot tips. That way it's not getting ridiculous and I don't die from alcohol poisoning. Anywho, all the links are below. ENJOY THE STREAM!

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Want Destiny 2 on PC and about 8 other games for only $12? hit this link then ...

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