The Next 3 Months PICK A CARD In Depth Reading

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Hey, Hi, Hello and Good Afternoon! I'm Amanda, welcome to my channel. Before we jump into this, if you're skipping the intro, I asked which you guys prefer: Longer, more detailed and in depth videos, or short, broad and to the point readings? Let me know in the comments, the majority will rule the channel for the foreseeable future.

In today's video we will be asking: What can I expect over the next 3 months? I hope this video helps you in some way. If it did I'd love to have you as a subscriber! Hit the notification bell so you never miss a pick a card! Be sure to leave a comment letting me know how it went. I love to hear from you guys!

This video by Lee Harris was just posted (4 days after I posted this very video) talks about the upcoming energies and it totally corroborates everything I talked about in these readings! We are healing as a collective, we can do this!

Timestamps: Overall energy for everyone's reading: 00:23 Camera: 3:57 Angel: 19:30 ...

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