CoD AW: No Reverse Boosting: 30-2 w/ a Vicious (Nuclear) Medal | ARX160 Hole Puncher (Best Variant)

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

All gameplay is non-reverse boosted. My K/D is 3.01 and my SPM is 367. My stats:

As far as K/D goes, I'm currently the 479th best Advanced Warfare player in the world (XBL, PSN, and Steam combined).

A proud member of the current #1 clan in the world: PWNStarzDotCom

Current solo player rank in PWNStarzDotCom: 13th out of 174.

If there are any specific game types that you guys want me to play or guns that you want me to use, just let me know down in the comments. Other than that, thanks for watching and have a wonderful day.


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